Our legal team: Where there is strength, the law starts shining through and our team will guide you along the way.

Our know-how: 

  • We keep abreast of all the latest legal developments in business law, and of how your own company is developing. We anticipate any legal obstacles, assess the consequences for your business, and help you take the necessary steps.
  • We offer you the legal support you need to bring a measure of certainty to your strategic choices:
  • Where appropriate, we submit and manage your requests for tax rulings.
  • We seek out and research all kinds of aid, such as from the Walloon region, from which you could benefit.
  • We draw up your leases, contracts, agreements, publications in the Moniteur belge (the official gazette), and so on.
  • We also provide more specific support in the transfer of companies, whether you are the buyer or the seller.
  • And we are well placed to support you with your estate planning.


We are: 

  • Passionate about the world of economics and business
  • Proactive in coming up with new solutions to meet or exceed your expectations
  • Curious, constructive, tenacious, personable and self-driven
  • Able to boil down the big picture .


« Where the law ends, tyranny begins »

William Pitt